Funderland Amusement Park

  • Funderland Amusement Park, located in Sacramento’s William Land Park area, has a Wisdom Industries Flying Dragon roller coaster with a thrilling top speed of 8 mph and a drop of 8 feet. The seven-car train seats one or two guests per car. For $1.50/$1.75 per ride, this coaster is a bargain to add to your steel coaster count. Each ride requires one ticket and prices are $1.50 from Monday to Friday and $1.75 on weekends and holidays. Admission to Funderland is free. Funderland’s other rides include a flume for young children, tea cups, antique buggy cars, train, merry-go-round, kiddie airplanes, and in the summer, pony rides. Other nearby thrills include the Sacramento Zoo and Fairy Tale Town. Funderland is located at the corner of Sutterville Road and South land Park Drive between Highways 5 and 99. Directions are available on their web site: . Also be sure to visit the Funderland website to obtain a coupon for two free rides with the purchase of a book of 10 tickets. Click on Specials at the top of the web page for the coupon. Books of 10 cost $12.50 weekdays and $15.00 weekends and holidays. August hours are 11:00 — 5:00 weekdays, and 10:00 — 6:00 weekends. September, October, November, and December hours are Fridays 12:00 — 5:00 and weekends 10:00 — 5:00.










Pixieland Amusement Park

  • Have you ridden the Flying Dragon coaster at Pixieland Amusement Park yet? This traditional Wisdom coaster is located at 2740 East Olivera Road in Willow Pass Park in Concord. Rides on the roller coaster are two tickets, for a total of $3.00. Or you can purchase a book of 10 tickets for $14.00. Pixieland is open on weekends through December 6th as well as some Fridays and Labor Day. Other rides available are a train ride that goes outside of the amusement park and around a lake with ducks, antique cars, frog hopper, kiddie planes, and a carousel. For more information, see:











Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, San Jose, California

  • First opened in 1961, this historic and locally-beloved San Jose 16-acre amusement park and zoo was closed in 2008 for a $72 million renovation, and reopened in 2010. The amusement park includes both kiddie-sized and all-ages family rides, and the pay-one-price admission includes the zoo, entertainment, and all rides at no extra charge. The zoo features over 140 animals, focuses on education, and includes a petting zoo and children’s sand “archeological dig” playground, where children can dig for “dinosaur bones. The 16-foot-tall steel family roller coaster at Happy Hollow, Pacific Fruit Express, opened on March 20, 2010 as a new attraction after the park’s renovation. It was manufactured by E&F Miler Industries of Portland, Oregon.












Scandia Family Fun Center, Sacramento, California

  • Founded by three Scandinavian families in 1977, Scandia Family Fun Center in Sacramento has expanded its beautifully-landscaped miniature golf, arcade, batting cages, go karts and bumper boat attractions to include amusement park rides, including the 168-foot-tall Sky Screamer extreme ride, the Norway Flier, Swedish Scrambler, Lapland Landslide super slide, and currently-under-construction Crazy Dane Coaster. Patrons have the options of purchasing tickets for all rides and attractions separately or unlimited attraction wristbands. The park’s first roller coaster, the steel Crazy Dane Coaster, a full-size Wild Mouse coaster design that formerly operated at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey from 1999 to 2012, is scheduled to open in Summer 2014. It was manufactured by E&F Miler Industries of Portland, Oregon.


Blackbeard’s Family Fun Center

  • Although this small park is technically in the Southern California ACE Region, if you find yourself out Fresno way, be sure to stop by! “Ahoy thar, matey.” Blackbeard’s Family Fun Center at 4055 North Chestnut in Fresno, California has a children’s roller coaster that adults can ride. The roller coaster is located in Cap’n Kids Rideland which is open Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The track was built by Carl Miler and the roller coaster train was built by Molina and Sons. Blackbeard’s also has bumper boats, a speedway, mini golf, paintball, and batting cages. Food, game, and mini golf coupons are available on their website. For more information about visiting Blackbeard’s, go to Blackbeard’s Family Fun Center web site.











Sonoma Traintown

  • All aboard for Sonoma TrainTown! This charming amusement park near downtown Sonoma off of Highway 12 features a Wisdom kiddie coaster credit called “Dragon Train.” And you can’t miss the miniature train ride through tunnels, over bridges and trestles, and around the heavily-wooded park. Be sure to bring a camera with you on the train as there is a large mirror so you can take a picture of yourself on the open-car train. Bring quarters to feed the animals at the petting zoo / miniature town stop on the train ride. There are goats, sheep, bunnies, and more to feed. Additional rides at the park are a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, scrambler, swings, and an airplane ride for kids only. Kids can also play in the train structure above the park entrance. Train rides are $4.75 each. Roller coaster rides are two $1.25 tickets each or buy a book of ten tickets for $10.00. From June to Labor Day, the park is open every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Between September and May, the park is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. The “Dragon Train” roller coaster operates only on the weekends. We visited on a recent Saturday morning in May and the park was not too crowded with all rides in operation.


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