GOLD STRIKER To Feature Record 174-foot Initial Descent Tunnel

GOLD STRIKER COASTER NOW INCLUDES RECORD TUNNEL Gold Striker’s 174-Foot Tunnel Is The Longest Initial Descent Tunnel On A Wooden Coaster SANTA CLARA, CA – The newest roller coaster at California’s Great America, Gold Striker, will now include the world’s longest covered initial descent tunnel on a wooden coaster. Adding intrigue to the record setting […]

California’s Great America, April 2011 update

California’s Great America is open Wednesday through Sunday for the remainder of April. For the operating calendar, see: Want to work in the rides department at California’s Great America? The park is having a job fair on Sunday, April 24th. See: California’s Great America web site: Facebook: — photo: Steven Wilson

California’s Great America, March 2011 update

California’s Great America opens for its 35th anniversary season on 27 March 2011. The park is open only on the 27th in March. In April the park will be open on weekends and for spring break. For the operating calendar, see: The park has a new lineup of shows for 2011.  For more information, […]