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Praise for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Behind-the-Scenes Tour II Event

  • April 1, 2009
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Darren R. Besoyan

Darren Besoyan, event producer under the “Welcome ACE NorCal Marque” with his full box of eighty-one registration envelopes. Photo: Bill Theobald

The ACE NorCal Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Behind-the-Scenes Tour II was a huge success. Eighty-one members and guests attended. Many were local, some came up from SoCal, still others came from as far away Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Argentina! Watch for the full story in the next issue of ACE News.

Bill Theobald, NorCal ACE member from Berkeley has posted his pictures from the event. To see them, please visit: Bill Theobald’s SCBB Tour Event photo album. Has anyone else posted their photos? Send the link our way, and we’ll gladly share it with ACE NorCal, OK?

Many who attended the event wrote to say thanks and to tell us how much fun they had. Here’s what some of you had to say:

Ah! It is so nice to think back to our wonderful weekend at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Thanks for sharing my photos with ACE NorCal. Enjoy!

-Bill Theobald, Berkeley, CA

Thanks again for putting on a great event, Darren.

-Steven Wilson, ACE NorCal Regional Representative
San Jose, CA

Thank you once again for letting my niece and nephew come along with me. It was a great weekend for all of us. It was great to do something so fun on their last weekend before heading back home. This was the first time for both of them at the Boardwalk, so it was also obviously their first time on the Giant Dipper also. They loved it! They are now safe and sound back in Argentina. The mileage on the name tags was priceless. They really appreciated the extra effort. I gave Colleen and Tom their name tags when we got back and they thought it was hilarious. Looking forward to 2014.

-Derek Willhite, Santa Rosa, CA

Everyone here really had fun working with your event. We love our park, and always enjoy sharing it with an appreciative audience! Are you sure you want to wait until 2014 to do it again?

-Brigid Fuller, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Thanks again so much for your hospitality and the great time in NorCal. I’ll keep my eyes open for another one of your events. Your group was so very helpful. Please pass along my thanks to everyone!

-John Sly, Coatesville, PA

As anyone knows who has talked with me about my love for amusement parks and attractions, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is my favorite amusement park in the world, and contains my favorite roller coaster, the Giant Dipper. So to say this event was, for me, a highlight of my life, is an understatement! I am very grateful for both this event and the one 5 years ago–thanks for helping me experience things I’d never normally be able to when I visit the Boardwalk.

Thank you and everyone involved for all the hard work that went into it, and, if the event is possible in 2014 I offer my help in organizing and executing the event!

Again, thank you all, I had a terrific time!

Gerry Watt, Assistant Regional Representative, ACE NorCal
Sacramento, CA

Hey Darren,

Just wanted to say thanks to you and the folks at ACE and SCBB for putting together a great event over the weekend. The social and mini-golf tourney were great touches too. It was great to meet you, and I really look forward to the next event!

-Greg Sarkisian, Tillson, NY

Wow, thanks for all the great e-mails everyone! I really appreciate it. Producing the event was my esteem and great pleasure. Thanks much to the entire staff at the Santa Cruz Seaside Company, for without their cooperation & enthusiasm, this event would not have been possible.


Darren R. Besoyan, ACE NorCal Assistant Regional Representative
Sacramento, CA

California’s Great America, April 2009 update

  • April 1, 2009
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now it's Flight Deck

California’s Great America has opened for the 2009 season! And for Spring Break, the park will be open daily from April 10th through the 19th. For details, check out the park’s operating calendar.

April is filled with special events at California’s Great America. In addition to Spring Break, the park is hosting these events:

  • California’s Great America Funnel Cake Eating Championship, Saturday, 11 April
  • Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday, 12 April
  • Dance Days, 18, 19, 25, and 26 April
  • Mission City 5K Run for Fun , Sunday, 26 April

For details on these events, see the park’s events page.

For more information about California’s Great America, visit the park’s web site.

— Steven Wilson

Gilroy Gardens, April 2009 update

  • April 1, 2009
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Gilroy Gardens

Gilroy Gardens opens for the 2009 Season on Saturday, April 4th. It’s hard to believe, but this will be the park’s ninth season already! For Spring Break, Gilroy Gardens will be open daily from April 10th through the 19th. For more details, see the park’s operating calendar.

With Gilroy Gardens under Cedar Fair management, you have a variety of options when it comes to enjoying Gilroy Gardens on a season pass. If you buy season passes from California’s Great America (CGA), admission to Gilroy Gardens is included on both Gold and Platinum season passes. Neither of these CGA passes include parking at Gilroy Gardens. If you buy a Gilroy Gardens membership, you enjoy a full season of admission to the park as well as special benefits at Gilroy Gardens not included on the CGA season passes. In addition, Gilroy Gardens memberships are fully tax deductible! For more information about Gilroy Gardens memberships, go to Gilroy Gardens tickets page .

For more information, visit Gilroy Gardens web site.

— Steven Wilson

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, April 2009 update

  • April 1, 2009
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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - 100 Years
The ADMISSION FREE Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park has something for everyone! It’s Spring Break time, and that means the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk will be open daily from April 4-30, 2009, in both full and limited operation. Arcades, Neptune’s Kingdom, and the Boardwalk Bowl are open daily. For the full operating schedule, please visit:

An extra special Spring Break Party will be held April 15-17, 2009, and they are providing quite a line up of activities and special guests.

Comcast Spring Break

Wednesday, April 15th

* Scooby Doo appearance
* Kids Dance Party, sponsored by Arthur Murray San Jose
* San Jose Earthquakes inflatable games on the beach
* Live performance by School of Rock

Thursday, April 16th

* Soccer Clinics happening daily by the Santa Cruz Beach Soccer Club
* San Jose Earthquakes talent appearance
* San Jose Earthquakes inflatable games on the beach
* Come meet former The Ultimate Fighter contestant, and current UFC lightweight Kenny Florian
* Scooby Doo appearance
* Kids Dance Party, sponsored by Arthur Murray San Jose
* Live performance by Zoo Station

Friday, April 17th

* San Jose Earthquakes inflatable games on the beach
* Scooby Doo appearance
* Kids Dance Party, sponsored by Arthur Murray San Jose
* Vh1 Confessions of a Teen Idol talent appearances! Including:
* David Chokachi – appeared as Cody Madison in Baywatch
* Billy Hufsey – you might remember the hit show FAME!
* Jeremy Jackson – remember Hobie, David Hasselhoff’s son on Baywatch!
* Eric Nies – one of the first cast members of MTV’s Real World New York!
* Live performance by Bayonics

For full details regarding the Spring Break Event, please visit: Comcast Spring Break

Hey parents, did you know that now small kids can ride for Free? Children under 36″ can enjoy some rides for free when they are with a ticketed chaperone*? Children under 36″ tall can ride the following for free with a paid chaperone: Speedway, Convoy, Sea Dragons, and Merry-Go-Round. Children under 34″ inches can also ride the following for free with a paid chaperone: Cave Train, Ferris Wheel, Ghost Blasters, Haunted Castle, Riptide, and Sky Glider. *A chaperone is someone the ride operator determines is capable of controlling the actions of the smaller rider.

Looking forward, The lineup for 2009 Free Friday Night Bands on the Beach will be emailed to all Big Kahuna Club members on April 10. Five of the bands in this year’s line up are visiting the Boardwalk for the very first time and they all have a knack for mega hits! And if you enjoyed the Moscow Circus and Chinese Acrobats in past years, you’ll love this year’s new show, which will also be announced on April 10. Sign up to receive the Big Kahuna Club e-Newsletter and get the latest Boardwalk insider news and money-saving tips at: Big Kahuna Club e-Newsletter

Sign up for the Boardwalk’s YouTube Channel “beachboardwalkfun”. Speaking of YouTube, the 28th Annual Clam Chowder Cook Off & Festival was a huge success, raising a record $66,000 for Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation! Good Samaritan Hospital from San Jose was the clear “People’s Choice” winner, their clam chowder MASH unit was a big crowd pleaser. Check out this fun video showing all the clammy fun at: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Clam Chowder Cook-off 2009 video on YouTube

Follow the Boardwalk on Twitter “beachboardwalk”

Add the Boardwalk as a friend on facebook “beachboardwalk”

— Darren R. Besoyan, Brigid Fuller, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, April 2009 update

  • April 1, 2009
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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Spring Break is the main focus for SFDK in April, with operating hours every day from April 3rd through April 19th. After the 19th hours return to Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

Animal shows and exhibits are touted as new for 2009, with more interactive experiences than ever. “Odin’s Temple of the Tiger,” the new venue for the park’s lively and water-loving tigers, opens later this Spring.

“Coaster Alley” should be in full swing as well, including favorites like ROAR! and Medusa. Remember the park has eight coasters total, so rack up those ride totals (although if you’re a grown-up you may have to ask someone a wee bit younger to help you do so on a couple of them!).

The park’s summer concert series has been announced. Click on the park’s website at the end of this update for details.

Currently 2009 Season Passes are on sale for $49.99, only $5.00 more than a one-day admission ticket! You can buy and print them on the park’s website.

And, a fun promotion to end this update: pay just $6.00 admission on April 3rd if you dress like Six Flags’ “Mr. Six,” the company’s popular, bespectacled fun-loving senior citizen.

Details for all of the above are at the park’s website,

— Gerry Watt and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom