• August 16, 2006
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If you haven’t been on I-80 lately near Vacaville or read the news lately, then you probably don’t know that the Nut Tree is coming back. Update: 8/13/06 New photos of the completed coaster and surrounding area. The Nut Tree, a famous freeway stop for many travelers, opened as a fruit stand in 1921. Between then and 1996 the location has provided travelers an airport, toy store, mini railroad, pumpkin patch and restaurant. You can see a small time line of the Nut Tree’s history here.

Around 1995 the Nut Tree was sold and closed a year later due to competition from nearby restaurants and outlet stores. Around 2000 news was buzzing that a developer from the Bay Area was going to revive the lost business. The $200 million development will include a new restaurant, hotels, townhouses, shops, bocce ball courts and a farmers market. Most interesting to us will be a family style amusement park with the original miniature Nut Tree train and roller coaster. For a collection of rides to come click here.

Rollercoaster Database describes the named roller coaster, Harvest Express Coaster, as a Miler Family coaster with the height of 24 feet. Stayed tuned for more information on this new exciting roadside attraction by visiting the website www.nuttreeusa.com

Photo Update 8/13/06 New Gallery Images of the Nut Tree