• September 20, 2006
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Update: 9/22 October is just around the corner and you know what that means when it comes to Marine World right? Fright Fest! Marine World dusts off (or not) their mazes and decorates the park with Halloween attire. This year they are calling all ACE members to help out in scaring their guests. We really need your participation this time. Numbers for this year might affect future events and if we can get a good group together this year, future events are sure to follow! One guest per ACE member now allowed. Check the jump for info on this unique event.

The first annual* Northern California ACE Fright Nights is being offered to us by the park. Beginning September 29th and running every Friday and Saturday night through October 28th, Marine World is giving us the opportunity to dress up as “coaster ghouls”, scare some guests and fill empty seats on their roller coasters. What could be cooler then riding a coaster while freaking out the guest next to you?

Each night a team of six ACE members will get:

– Free entry into the park
– A professional make up treatment by Six Flags
– A dinner for each member before the activity
– An escorted Public Relation guide to the rides
– The ability to scare their guests while getting some rides in.

Sound like fun? Here is what to expect from this event. Listed below is the press release by Six Flags officially inviting Nor Cal ACE members. Since this is more of a Fright Fest event, members should not consider this to be an ERT. Even though you will get a fair share of rides in, you are volunteering your time as a “coaster ghoul” and will take cues from public relations on what rides to go on and how to go about scarring folks. You will not be able to participate in the mazes or fun houses. An adult must accompany children under the age of 13. A waiver form must be signed and turned in the day of the event.

You are encouraged to make your own costume. Perhaps find an old ACE shirt or another Six Flags piece of clothing that you’ve worn out and shred it a little. Please do not bring attire from competing parks. You can add some fake blood and distress your attire so once make up is added by Marine World, you pull off the coaster ghoul look. Be creative but keep in mind that you will be interacting with guests and rides. For the safety of you and guests, props that could be construed as weapons, masks and capes are not permitted on rides. The best and most creative dressed coaster ghoul of the night will win a prize!

This event will require that you sign up by October 1st. Teams of six people are allowed each Friday and Saturday night from September 29th though October 28th, 2006. It will be a first come, first serve activity in filling up slots for each night.

Check your email for the link on where to sing up on our website. Update: ACE members now can invite ONE guest. The signup form now allows this. Once accepted we will contact you by email and let you know of your volunteer status.

* The annual status of this type of event is subject to change. Participation in this type of activity really makes a difference to the park. If we do not show our support for the parks, they may not offer this type of activity next year. If you haven’t been to the park this year or Fright Fest in general, this is a great way to go behind the scenes, get cool make up applied and get some rides in. Since this type of entertainment has never been done before with ACE, we expect you to follow all park rules and be on your best behavior when representing ACE. Please follow all cues from public relations.