• April 1, 2009
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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Spring Break is the main focus for SFDK in April, with operating hours every day from April 3rd through April 19th. After the 19th hours return to Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

Animal shows and exhibits are touted as new for 2009, with more interactive experiences than ever. “Odin’s Temple of the Tiger,” the new venue for the park’s lively and water-loving tigers, opens later this Spring.

“Coaster Alley” should be in full swing as well, including favorites like ROAR! and Medusa. Remember the park has eight coasters total, so rack up those ride totals (although if you’re a grown-up you may have to ask someone a wee bit younger to help you do so on a couple of them!).

The park’s summer concert series has been announced. Click on the park’s website at the end of this update for details.

Currently 2009 Season Passes are on sale for $49.99, only $5.00 more than a one-day admission ticket! You can buy and print them on the park’s website.

And, a fun promotion to end this update: pay just $6.00 admission on April 3rd if you dress like Six Flags’ “Mr. Six,” the company’s popular, bespectacled fun-loving senior citizen.

Details for all of the above are at the park’s website, http://www.sixflags.com/discoveryKingdom/index.aspx

— Gerry Watt and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom