• July 2, 2009
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J's Amusements sign

Do you remember J’s Amusements in Guerneville? J’s closed in 2003, but the Allan Herschell Mad Mouse, a medium-sized wild mouse roller coaster, is still on the property. The coaster is standing, but not operating. The roller coaster and park sign are easily visible from Highway 116. Mike, the owner, lives next door to the park. He likes his privacy and has no plans to reopen the park.

J's Amusements' Mad Mouse

Adjacent to J’s, next to the Russian River, is J’s Camp Outback, a tent camping retreat. Highly-recommended nearby is Pee Wee Mini Golf, across the highway. It offers two courses and unusual features, such as a huge dinosaur, cannibals cooking a stew, Yogi Bear, and the Grateful Dead Bears and Skull paintings.

J's Amusements' Mad Mouse

— Matthew and Emi Pearce; photos: Matthew and Emi Pearce