• March 4, 2010
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In February Matthew and I had a great time when we volunteered at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach (PNATB). We had intended to do this for years, especially when Richard was thinking about designing a roller coaster room, but we just never found the time. Matthew served the front desk greeter during the Wolf Man weekend so he had the opportunity to see many colorful visitors. So be sure to request to volunteer on a day that PNATB is hosting a themed party or event.

Best of all, PNATB is part of the Disney “Give a Volunteer Day, Get a Day at a Disney Park” program. So not only did we enjoy our day volunteering at PNATB, we get free admission to Disneyland. Just volunteering for eight hours qualifies you for a free day at the park. But you can also accumulate your eight hours by volunteering four days for two hours at a time.

To participate in the Disney program, you must pre-register at the Give a Day. Get a Disney Day. web site. To find qualifying PNATB volunteer opportunities, enter “El Cerrito, CA” in the activity search box.

Tickets available under this program are limited and have been going at a phenomenal rate. Don’t wait too long to sign up!

For more information on volunteering at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach, go to http://www.playland-not-at-the-beach.org/volunteers.htm Kendra is the Volunteer Coordinator for PNATB. She can help you select a volunteer opportunity that suits your personality.

— Emi Pearce