• June 3, 2010
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Fun Town Amusement Park at Micke Grove

roller coaster at Fun Town

Fun Town, formerly known as Funderwoods, is located inside of Micke Grove Regional Park in Lodi. The park’s Miler coaster features a giraffe and adults are welcome to ride the coaster. The roller coaster costs only $1 to ride. Admission into the amusement park is free. Admission into Micke Grove Regional Park is $5 per vehicle. Other rides include a carousel, train, tilt-a-whirl, antique cars, scrambler, and kids’ rides such as transportation vehicles and fish. The park is open weekdays from 11:00 — 5:00 and weekends and holidays from 11:00 — 6:00 from April to September and reduced hours in the winter. Other Micke Grove attractions include the Micke Grove Zoo and the San Joaquín County Historical Museum. For more information, visit: http://www.funtownmg.com/

roller coaster at Fun Town

If you are in the area, you might also want to visit Pixie Woods in Stockton. Pixie Woods does not have a roller coaster, but the park was featured in the movie This is Spinal Tap. Pixie Woods has a train, a boat, and a carousel. For details, see: http://www.stocktongov.com/pixiewoods/

If you contact Emi, she has some leftover ride coupons for Fun Town and discount coupons for Pixie Woods that she can mail you.

— Emi Pearce

— photos: Emi and Matthew Pearce