Sky Screamer

Opening late spring 2011, the Sky Screamer is a swing ride that is fifteen stories tall. It is 100 feet in diameter when it is in full swing. The ride is as tall as Medusa, but unlike Medusa the riders will get an approximately two-minute long bird’s eye view of the park. Sky Screamer will travel at forty-three miles per hour. Unlike a traditional swing ride, the ring that holds the seats moves up and down as it spins and reaches greater heights. The ride can also spin backwards. Sky Screamer is manufactured by Funtime. You can ride one in Vienna, Austria that is over 340 feet tall, called Star Flyer. For a video of Star Flyer go to According to the manufacturer, the ride can accommodate up to approximately 600 passengers per hour. So don’t sweat a long line. You must be forty-eight inches or taller to ride. Six Flags St. Louis is also getting a Sky Screamer ride. Watch for news on the opening of Sky Screamer from ACE Northern California.

— Emi Pearce

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