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  • Unique single-rail coaster RailBlazer opens at Great America (6/22/2018) by Erik Chalhoub - For each of the past few seasons, California’s Great America has introduced a major new attraction. In 2016, the park took guests into space with Mass Effect: New Earth, and later that year, introduced WinterFest, adding millions of Christmas lights. In 2017, Great America’s Vortex coaster got a floorless remake and transformed into Patriot. Yet,… Continue Reading
  • Great America 2018 preview: Construction, food, expanded entertainment and more (3/3/2018) by Erik Chalhoub - Last year, ACE NorCal’s annual California’s Great America preseason tour hit a record attendance of nearly 60 members and guests, all eager to get a glimpse at what was new for the 2017 season. This year, ACE NorCal smashed that record, two-fold. More than 130 ACE members and guests packed Great America on Feb. 24… Continue Reading
  • RailBlazer construction update, Oct. 21, 2017: Track arrives on site (10/22/2017) by Erik Chalhoub - Work has ramped up on RailBlazer's construction at California's Great America. In the past week, heavy equipment has arrived on scene, and crews have drilled holes for foundation work. CGA also received the first shipment of track from Rocky Mountain Construction's Idaho facility. That wraps up this update. Great America closes for the season on… Continue Reading
  • RailBlazer construction update, Sept. 9, 2017 (9/10/2017) by Erik Chalhoub - Less than a month after California’s Great America announced RailBlazer, land clearing on the site is nearly complete. With the park recently applying for a permit to construct the ride, it appears vertical construction will start soon. Let’s take a look at the site as it appeared on Sept. 9. Continue Reading
  • New prototype coaster at Great America pays homage to California scenery (8/16/2017) by Erik Chalhoub - National Roller Coaster Day was celebrated in a big way on Aug. 16, when California’s Great America introduced its newest coaster, RailBlazer. Manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction, RailBlazer is a prototype coaster based on RMC's new “Raptor” model. Eight riders will traverse in a single file train on a single rail, giving riders a unique… Continue Reading
  • California’s Great America Debuts First of its Kind Single Rail Steel Coaster for 2018 (8/16/2017) by Nicholas - SANTA CLARA, CA – California’s Great America will introduce a groundbreaking new single rail steel coaster, RailBlazer, for the 2018 season. RailBlazer will be the first coaster of its kind on the West Coast featuring a single rail track throughout; the design requires the rider to straddle the rail, creating an extremely low center of… Continue Reading
  • Great America teases 2018 coaster (7/16/2017) by Erik Chalhoub - California’s Great America has been teasing a new roller coaster at the park for 2018, dubbed “Project SR1.” In late June, observant park visitors noticed a set of painted white tire tracks leading to a construction stake placed in the large grassy area that formerly housed the Invertigo coaster. Written on the stake was “2018”… Continue Reading