RailBlazer construction update, Oct. 21, 2017: Track arrives on site

Work has ramped up on RailBlazer’s construction at California’s Great America.

In the past week, heavy equipment has arrived on scene, and crews have drilled holes for foundation work. CGA also received the first shipment of track from Rocky Mountain Construction’s Idaho facility.

An overall look at the construction site as seen from Star Tower on Oct. 21. | Photo: Erik Chalhoub

California’s Great America posted this photo on its Facebook page, showing the first shipment of track leaving Rocky Mountain Construction’s facility. | Photo via California’s Great America

The curved pieces of track are being stored next to Demon’s loop. This photo was taken from Demon’s line. | Photo: Erik Chalhoub

A number of holes for footers have been drilled. | Photo: Erik Chalhoub

Rebar awaits to be placed. | Photo: Erik Chalhoub

A fence is now blocking off the grassy area next to the construction zone. | Photo: Erik Chalhoub

That wraps up this update. Great America closes for the season on Oct. 29, and will reopen on Nov. 24 for its one-month WinterFest run.

About Erik Chalhoub

Erik Chalhoub is the Magazine Editor at New SV Media in Gilroy (and a roller coaster fanatic!). He is also the proud recipient of the 2016 ACE NorCal Richard Tuck Spirit Award.


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