Update #3; September 21, 2012 – The Endeavour of a Lifetime

It was yet another exciting day at the Boardwalk! Why was it so exciting? You’ll find out, as you scour this UNDERTOW construction update! Today definitely had the most action going on in terms of the Hurricane deconstruction. A KING crane was on hand removing some of the queue fences from the beach side of the Hurricane deck. Not only that, but the operator was removing them at an incredibly quick pace, it was hard to keep up with him! All of the track pieces appear to be intact still. The most notable change since Monday would definitely be the removal of the sign for the Hurricane. Here are the pictures from today – it was gorgeous out.

“It’s a bird, it’s a crane, it’s a KING CRANE, at the ‘walk!”

Am I seeing things, or is that piece of equipment…floating?!

I would suggest following the rules described by this sign.

It’s a sign! Oh, wait. It isn’t! The Hurricane‘s sign has been removed and replaced with fresh air and an UNDERTOW banner.

“Santa Cruz, we are cleared for take-off.”

It appeared that some more brake-run work was being done.

Back to work!

Look how tall this crane is! It almost looked taller than the Double Shot, but it was hard to tell due to the angle.

More brake-run work being done. He’s wearing a hard hat, good job!

Working up even higher!

The sky was filled with all kinds of tall objects.

Part of the queue area fencing is being flown away!

Thar she goes!

Some of the station platform flooring was being airlifted as well.

If you look carefully at the black strip down the middle, you’ll notice that the lift-hill chain has been removed!

Hello, up there!

Back to work…

Then, stuff started to happen. Chaos ensued, and it was an exciting moment for the Boardwalk! Jimmy, our painter buddy, spiffed this up…

…then some employees from the Boardwalk’s Technical Services department did some tear-down on the bandstand…

…which was followed by a local sand artist creating a work of art…

…and made this! Santa Cruz! Is that all? Nope, then…

…all of these local and Boardwalk employees lined up along the new deck… AND…

...the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew right by on its final flight. Wow, what a day!

That’s it! Tune in really soon for the next update. Thanks for reading!

Nicholas Laschkewitsch

Photos: Nicholas Laschkewitsch 

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Nicholas Laschkewitsch is the Regional Representative for ACE Northern California and has been a member of the club since February 2009. He says it's hard to pick favorites, but the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk makes the top of his list. Being a Northern California local his whole life, he makes it out to the Boardwalk quite often. Nicholas is excited for what the future will hold for the Northern California amusement parks.

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