Update #4 – “Let’s Go Fly Some Track!”

Welcome to the fourth deconstruction update for the Hurricane! Progress is moving at a fast pace now and track pieces are being removed. Today was the second day for track removal and it was pretty exciting to watch! It is definitely very odd to see the structure with pieces of track missing. It will only be a matter of weeks before all of the track pieces are completely gone. I would suspect that by the end of October, the entire deck will be cleared. We’ll see how close that prediction is as the updates proceed. On to the pictures!

The next track segment is being prepared for “lift-off”.

More prep-work is being performed on the far turn of the ride. One of the best parts!

There she goes!

The next track piece in mid-flight … destination: Western Playland in New Mexico.

Soaring through the sky! Will be months before riders will once again be taking a fun ride on Hurricane. But this time, in New Mexico!

“Up, up, and away-eyy, with my beautiful blue track!”

A cold and frigid day for sure, but that doesn’t stop work from getting done!

Looks really strange with track pieces missing. Farewell, Hurricane.

From down on the street side – track removal continues.

The top track segment from the lift-hill was taking a break.

It won’t be much longer before this view will consist of the new awesomeness that will be UNDERTOW!


Talk about airtime! Work continues…

Then, all of the sudden, this “random guy” started taking photographs of us. Who do you think you are!?

Oh, you funny guy, you! It’s only Donaven, the Boardwalk’s webmaster and “voice of the park” taking photos of the deconstruction, too. You may know him as the voice saying, “Welcome aboard the Cave Train!” Nice seeing you today, pal!


And that concludes today’s update. Tune in soon for the next UNDERTOW Construction/Hurricane Deconstruction update! Thanks for reading!

–Nicholas Laschkewitsch

–Photos: Nicholas Laschkewitsch 

About Nicholas

Nicholas Laschkewitsch is the Regional Representative for ACE Northern California and has been a member of the club since February 2009. He says it's hard to pick favorites, but the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk makes the top of his list. Being a Northern California local his whole life, he makes it out to the Boardwalk quite often. Nicholas is excited for what the future will hold for the Northern California amusement parks.


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