UPDATED 1/16: E&F Miler Industries WILD MOUSE Coming to Scandia!

Greetings, ACE members!

— UPDATED 1/16!

A WILD MOUSE is currently being constructed up at Scandia Family Fun Center in Sacramento! ACE NorCal member Darren Besoyan visited the park on 1/15/2014 and took some photos of the new-for-2014 attraction. Thanks, Darren! The coaster is built by E&F Miler Industries and originally operated at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ from 1999-2012. Here’s a photo of it at Casino Pier.

© Martin Valt, 9/2/2007 – courtesy of RCDB.com

Now, check out some more photos of it being installed at Scandia.

Supports are being placed!

More work is being done.

We’ll keep you updated on this new coaster! Stay tuned.

For more information on Scandia Family Fun Center, click the logo below!

Ride on!
Nicholas Laschkewitsch
ACE NorCal Assistant Regional Representative

About Nicholas

Nicholas Laschkewitsch is the Regional Representative for ACE Northern California and has been a member of the club since February 2009. He says it's hard to pick favorites, but the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk makes the top of his list. Being a Northern California local his whole life, he makes it out to the Boardwalk quite often. Nicholas is excited for what the future will hold for the Northern California amusement parks.

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